Take a LIMO Bus to Lockhart’s Favorite BBQ Spots

 There are so many good eats right here in Central Texas though one of  the local Texas favorites are our BBQ joints. We have a number of places  ranking in some of USA’s top list of places to eat some of the best  BBQ.
We cater to a lot of clients who are looking for transportation  to some of the best-known Texas BBQ spots. So, we decided it’s time to  make a list for you all to help! If you are looking to go touring  through central Texas to try out mouthwatering brisket and ribs, we have  you covered with this list.
To hit up as many places as possible  while utilizing your time we recommend heading down to Lockhart, TX  located about 30 minutes outside of Austin, TX and about an hour drive  from San Antonio, TX.
First stop: Black’s BBQ which has been listed on numerous top rated BBQ joints in Texas and in the United States. With two locations, one in Lockhart and the other in Austin. They have been listed on The Thrillest and Business Insidersite for best BBQ in America along with a few other Lockhart BBQ places.

Moving forward on the party bus we take a stop at Smitty’s BBQ right around the corner from Black’s to take a sample of their select meats. They have been serving out of the same open fire brick pit from the same family since 1924. How awesome is that!  The pits alone area  site to see and something you do not see every day. They also do not accept credit cards so do not forget to bring some cold hard cash so you can avoid any ATM fees.

Last Stop in Lockhart, TX will be Kreuz Meat Market.  Have you ever heard of a BBQ place that does not offer BBQ Sauce…? Me  either until we stopped by Kreuz Market. Hesitant at first, we decided  to go ahead and embrace this change and dig in. We could not have been more pleased with the Burnt End Brisket, some of the most  mouthwatering brisket I have ever had. You can order the  sausage in different flavors as well. They sometimes have a band come in  which gives this place 5stars on catering to their guest.

Have some time to spare before or after we have guest who like to stop by Lone Star Gun Range in Lockhart. You can rent out firearms from them. We have  linked to their site if interested. This has always been a plus for our  Bachelor parties.

If you have any questions, please let us know.  If needing more information on some of the places mentioned click and  follow the links.