Renting a Limo or Party Bus for your Kids Birthday

  Yes, yes we do rent out party buses for kids birthdays and let us tell  you the kids have a blast!The experience of renting a party bus is  1000x more exciting to some one younger than it is to us older crowds. We  do kids birthday parties all the time and from a mom of three girls I  can say the buses never get old!They love the lights, music, and just  being with their friends on the bus in general. There faces light up  every time they see any type of bus now. 

We cater to kids of all ages and have set up a list of ideas to help our parent renters out on what to plan for the day. 

Our top stops include: Amy’s Ice Cream and if  one located with PhilsIce House off Lamar has a great playground to enjoy with tons of seating. Right down the road from this location we have Big Top Candy Shop  with all the treats and sweets you can imagine! This place is a must go  to even if you are not renting a party bus. They even make their own  sodas how awesome is that. 

Next down the never ending list of things to do in Austin is making a stop at Castle Hill Graffitti Wall for some cool pictures with some of the locals art work. While in the downtown area and if your group of kids are into BMX or skating try out the BMX Pike Park a few miles down the road near the ACC campus. 

Then we have a few of Austins top arcades to visit which include BlazerTag, Daveand Buster’s who offers half price games on Wednesday, and Pinballz Arcade offering two locations one in North Austin and one in Buda, TX. 

We also have groups who enjoy places like: ‚ÄčChaparralice Ice Skating with a friendly staff and even great for those first time ice skaters. Central Texas Speedway where you are able to race go carts around a real outdoor track and they even have an occasional groupon for those who love saving. Central Texas Speedway is a personal favorite and more for older children and even adults to enjoy. DinosaurPark located  in Cedar Creek is great for all ages with a trail to walk and see the  dinosaurs, clues to track along the way, and fossil digging conjoined  with a playground to enjoy at the end. Then last but not least the  outdoor mall located in Bee Cave, TX -The Hill Country Galleria. Who doesn’t like shopping on their birthday? This outdoor mall has it all from eats, sweets, a movie theater, shopping, and the great outdoors to enjoy while doing it all.

If all else fails and none of these  options appeal to your birthday boy or girl just riding around on the  party bus and taking in the beautiful Austin scenes never fails. Their  birthday will still be one for the books when renting one of our limo  buses for the day or night. 

So, if planning your kids birthday  Red Star Party Bus is here to help with your party bus rental and where  to go. Just give us a call today!

Keep in Mind our day party bus  rates are lower than our night rates and Sunday – Thursday rentals are  the best bang for your buck!