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Party Bus Rental Service & How to choose the right company for you.

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We know that looking into companies to book a party bus rental service can be taunting. Sometimes finding a party bus rental service is also frustrating. We want to make your job easier by helping you find a party bus rental service. We will be giving out a few tips in narrowing down your party bus rental choices.

Steps to finding a party bus rental service

Party Bus Photos

1: Look over the website. Does it look legit? Do they have pictures on the site that look real and not copied from google? What about connections? Does the site connect to Facebook, YouTube, Yelp, or other social media pages? If so you most likely have a real company and not a fake one.

Party Bus Communication

2: Are you able to reach the company easily by phone or through e-mail? Do they help answer all of your questions without hesitation? How does their customer service come off? If they are easy to work with before reserving then the company you choose will most likely be easy to work with during and after your reservation. 

Party Bus Appointments

3: One of the big factors: The party bus rental company you narrow down to should be willing to let you come in to view the buses or are they able to send you photos of the limos or party buses they have to offer. 

There are red flags to a company when they are doing things such as: Not being willing to work with you on sending over bus photos. If they are hesitant on wanting to book an appointment for you to come to see the party buses. The website looks fake. These are all red flags that a company is either hiding something or not a real company. you might need to move to the next company. We always recommend asking for photos/videos of the bus you will be reserving or if you have the time to view the party bus or limo in person. This may save you a lot of headaches the day of your reservation. Here Red Star  Party Bus we always invite our customers to come and view our party buses by Appointment Monday – Wednesday. 

Some more great tips in Renting a Limo or Party Bus can be viewed here through Angie’s List,, Yelp, or Facebook Places

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